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How To Use This System

Step 1:  Read about our standards and guidelines. In the new product application, you will be required to provide information based on these documents.
Step 2:  Review specific guidelines about each of our product categories. Step 3: You must fax proof of product liability insurance to us after completing your application, even if you have already faxed it on previous submissions. 

If you have any of the following, fax those as well:
  • Product spec sheet, including photo and dimensions
  • Fair trade or fair labor affidavits or certification
  • Organic certification
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance documentation
  • Pest control documentation
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program documentation
  • Organic Standard Operating Procedure documentation
  • Proof that meat comes from an approved Whole Foods Market slaughterhouse
Step 4:  Create an account in the new product submission system.

Step 5: Log in and complete the online product questionaire to submit a new product.